I just took 5 different illegal drugs.


I had an argument with my dad about using his Pinsentry device, and I went for a walk and made up my mind.

Lights are out, headphones are in, drugs are GO.

I have taken coke, MDMA, ecstasy, crystal meth and speed.

And I regret NOTHING.

My hands are sweaty, my feet are blue, my skin is blotchy from the heat. My nose is dripping but feels dry.

Just want to get this out here as well: I know that my darling Godmother occasionally reads this blog, and one of her lovely sons follows me (hello A!) and I just want to take this little moment in my blog post to apologise for fucking up. A, I was so motivated when you commented on my post saying I could do it, and I fucked up and I’m sorry. I’d appreciate it if it stayed between my online semi-anonymous micro-community, you and me. BTW, I do love it when you comment, it makes me smile getting that little yellow dot of a notification.

Anyway, back to the car crash that I am. Lots of drugs, lots of music, and now (unfortunately) lots of regrets.

Oh, and I just bit through my tongue.



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