I’m not allowed to go to my University Summer ball…again.

I’m very sad as I write this. Unfortunately, my University has said that I may not attend the summer ball. Just like last year. I remember I was sitting in my bed when they stormed my room and told me everything was effectively over for that year.

My parents escorted my crying self into the car and drove me straight to a psychiatric ward. It was fucking dreadful, and this, a year later, is bringing a lot of pain back to the surface.

I’ve gone through my education always feeling a little bit left out; I was in a wheelchair for 2 years at School. At Uni I got suspended for a year, and here I am crying away in my bedroom yet again about a ball I can’t go to.

All the pictures will be up, and I will be notified via Facebook to check them all out.

I will not be checking them all out.


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