I’m hearing voices…seriously.

I’m in my friends flat away from home, and I’ve been up misbehaving all night, and I am sitting on my bed in the spare room…and I can hear so many people chattering away, it’s bizarre.

I can’t tell if it’s the sound of water running or if it is a person talking. The sounds are outside of my head; I know it’s always important with hearing voices to clarify whether they’re internal or external voices. Mine are external. They sound like they’re coming from all around me, in the air.

It’s not dramatic like it is in films, it’s not hushed whispers building in volume for the camera to zoom in on the protagonist for their ‘scream shot’. It’s just little me, in my room, with some other people talking in the dark around me. I can’t actually make out what they’re saying. I hear bits of words…almost like they’re talking in that language they have on that computer game (the Sims, I remember now).

I don’t like it.

Oh, it’s quietened down now. That’s nice.


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