Hi, here’s another cocaine themed poem for you to enjoy

This beautiful piece of art was composed

At a time when cocaine has been up my nose

My mouth is numb and sore are my gums

The teeth they tingle, my dry nose won’t run

Everything is intense

Everything makes sense

Everything is so crystal clear

Everything is…almost perfect.

My eyes are alert and my hands both shake

My pulse has rocketed and my mind is awake

To music I listen, new sounds I do christen

Like nothing I’ve ever heard before

My mouth feels like candy floss

My self loathing, heartbreak and loss

Has melted into clarity and

Everything is…almost perfect.

My IQ has soared and there’s a novel in me

My trappings are gone and my spirit is free

I am the God to whom you bow and pray

So I pray to myself, “let this feeling stay”.

I glance at the time

I’ve reached my decline

Everything was…almost perfect.

Tell me…

Where is the bag and my cards and my straw?

Line after line and I’ll always want more.

Look at me now and you’ll look through a ghost.

But I have cocaine and it’s perfect. Almost.

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