Here is a poem about me sneaking into a poetry slam at the university I am suspended from.

Suspended in November for the year,

I Lost my place here through a fake ‘syndrome’.

I breach my contract by returning here,

And take a risk upon my coming ‘home’.

To evade expulsion, Uni has requested

I leave without a fuss and to use stealth

In order to avoid getting arrested:

I must label addiction as ‘ill health’.

But it appears I could not leave for long,

As here I am back in my ‘second dwelling’,

And driven by my love for written song,

I came tonight and chanced my own expelling.

Enchanted by the spoken word I stood

Overlooking, with my lemonade.

I’m sober, clean, but still misunderstood,

I’m severely lacking purpose: I’m afraid.

I must confess that things have not been right,

My source of joy did penetrate my skin.

It pierced my soul, my darkness and my light,

I found my only friend in heroin.

And sitting there tonight I felt that urge,

That feeling I have come to know so well,

But I will not give in to drugs: I purge.

I free myself from heaven dressed as hell.

I’ve broken from my hypodermic chains,

I’ve found a friend that seems to love me too:

Poetry is running through my veins,

I’d love to be a part of what you do!

It’s a bit of a lie- the “I’m totally clean” part- but I still think it’s a masterpiece. Though I say so myself.

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