I ran away (again)

Currently writing this from Birmingham where my lovely partner in crime resides. I have always been ‘flight’ out of the fight or flight option, and I am living up to that at present as I have fled (fairly) far away from London where I live.

Some questions and answers: a list by H.

Why the f*** did you run away?

Because I felt like all I do at home is cause trouble. My mum literally turned round to me and said I have this ability to make her feel like the worst parent in the world. I don’t like causing trouble, contrary to popular opinion, and I certainly don’t like being told I make people feel like rubbish. So that’s why I fled.

Why Birmingham?

Because my sort-of-are-we-aren’t-we boyfriend lives there, and no matter how bad things get in my head (notice how I said head, and not home- this isn’t a blame game I’m playing) I can always trust that he will be there to love me unconditionally and try to get me to see some sense.

So, what’s the plan?

Good question. As of today, the current plan is to stay on a bit longer then return home, and apologise to my mother, father, and try not to numb my feelings with copious amounts of cocaine. I will attend meetings and keep myself as sane as I can.

Over and out,



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