What about both?

Ok, so I have goals and dreams and all of that jazz.

I see my friends with youtube channels, I see my friends with online stores, and maybe I could be the friend with both.


I have an online blog- and 13 wonderful followers (Hi guys, I literally love you all) and that is enough for me right now. I don’t want to be like the hilariously disastrous (and yet simultaneously successful) Trisha Paytas. She has her attributes, but I get the feeling she does it for ultimate stardom to fund a luxury lifestyle.

So, what is my why?

My why is a little complicated because there isn’t actually a specific reason. I love the idea of being ‘known’ but I am not too keen on being so famous, that you can’t pop down to New Look to buy underwear without being hounded by the press. Not that I will ever get to that stage…

I also love making videos, and making original content. I keep a diary religiously, and go a bit nuts if I can’t write.

So, my lovely followers, I have decided to make a new video every day for the next month, and see where it takes me. It is a tall order, and if it is a disaster then they will ‘mysteriously vanish’, and while this is going on, behind the scenes, I will be setting up my online store.

So, yeah. Keep hustling, I suppose…

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