Here is a light-hearted poem about heroin.

There was a girl who liked to feel
Everything but her feelings,
So she puffed and drank and snorted,
And she’d wake up facing ceilings.

Curious the girl grew bored,
-You’ve got to give her credit-
And learned about this other drug
As she browsed her way through reddit.

Through working in a cashmere shop,
She’d income for her gap year,
To Guildford Town she went, naive,
And was sold some simply crap gear.

By 19 she was hooked on it,
and blamed no one but chance,
She’d found her missing puzzle piece,
And passed life in a trance.


I realise this poem is lighthearted but the message is clear: Heroin is cunning and addiction is deceitful. The point of the poem is that its lighthearted, singsong nature draws you in, without realising that at the heart of it is something horrific; very similar to heroin itself.

Stay safe guys, and if you want to seek help or advice about any drug, talk to FRANK.

Much love,


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