What does it feel like to be a drug addict?


Its relief is not like having a cold drink of water on a hot dry day. The relief is colder.

Its satisfaction is not like having a warm, home cooked meal at the end of a journey. The satisfaction will always be more warm.

Its excitement is not like when you had Christmas as a child. That excitement is comparable to watching paint dry in its presence.

The energy is not like drinking 4 cans of red bull. Beside drugs, 4 red bulls are just water.

Its euphoria is nothing like finding out you’ve passed your degree. Next to drugs, that feeling is like being told water is wet.

Its ability to take away pain is not like an anaesthetic. It not only takes away pain, but it replaces it with something beautiful.

The love it gives to you is not like the love you have for your parents, or your siblings, your partner or your own children. The love it gives you is love for yourself, love you can be selfish with, love you can wallow in and feel nothing you don’t want and everything you do.

However, The withdrawals are not like missing somebody who has died, or left you behind. Drugs can come back and then leave you all over again.

The hate it gives you is not comparable to the hate you feel against someone who assaulted you, or someone who hurt your children. The hate gives the external world a grey filter, and the internal one no filter at all, it’s just you and the horrible unfiltered voices.

The despair not like having your heart broken. It is like everyone in the world’s heart has broken, all inside one chest.

Ultimately, its an abusive relationship. You love them, and they love you. Sometimes.

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